About Me


So what do you do?

Following the “What’s your name?“, that is probably the most common conversation starter question around the globe and yet is the most difficult question for me to answer everywhere I go. I was fortunate to be born and raised by a humble family of multiple talents: my father has a degree in Business Administration and he is also an amazing musician who has written and created hundreds of his own songs. My mother is a Gynaecologist / Obstetrician doctor who sings like a professional singer and is very good in learning new languages, including Portuguese, English and German.

So since the beginning, as a child, for me it was clear that I had to explore as many talents I have as possible.

And because of the high quality of the talents around me, I couldn’t only be “good” at something: I had to be great if I wanted to make a difference.

That type of positive competition led me to be able to excel in different industries including technology, music and art.

I, Denison Luz, am a result of this environment.

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