I truly believe we can combine Technology and Art to make people’s lives better.
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I’m Denison Luz.
I’m a multi-talented software developer and visual artist.

I have over 12 years industry experience, working across many different fields ranging from pure digital, web, interactive, UI, connected product interfaces, traditional graphic design, mobile, kiosk, software & application design, brand identity and interactive service/product/platform design.

My time in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and now London has given me an incredible opportunity to work with and lead teams on a wide range of projects. I've pitched, won and led numerous global projects over my career, and have been fortunate to work with such forward thinking companies as Shell Oil & Gas, Ferrari, Santander, Ford, Jeep, McLaren Automotive (SapientNitro London) and more.

While based on Canary Wharf - London, working for financial institutions like Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, I’ve led the front end developers team, and helped transform the creative culture, community, and quality of work. I provide leadership, vision, and support for the Visual & Experience Design team. 


I truly believe we can combine technology and art to problem solving and making people's lives better..

- Denison Luz

I have organised and presented many technical meet-ups and events around London. I'm also active across collaborations; startups, freelance special projects and personal projects.


All these diverse projects gave me the amazing opportunity to create state of art products using the latest technologies available.

I have a Computer Science Bachelor and I have been a musician since the first time I saw my father playing the guitar when I was probably 3 years old or less.

I'm curious, empathetic, rigorous, and experimental. I like accelerated methodologies. Thinking quick, rapid prototyping, and learning through testing. I seek to learn what works and do more of it. Learn what doesn't and change it.

I like to keep things simple.

Or even better: make complex things really easy to understand.

MultiTalent vs. Specialisation?

I understand specialisation is important: focus on one task rather than multiple tasks toward productive output.

Pushing workers to perfect one task rather than focus on many is a way to make them become more adept at a specialised task and they become more efficient and production increases.

Specialisation is good, especially in the beginning. But if you overdo it, it will kill your ability to be creative.

In psychology and education there is a personality type called multipotentialite. Multipotentialites are people who master many different intellectual and/or artistic skills throughout their whole life. Unlike so-called specialists, they can't stick with just one profession or hobby: They have a need for constantly discovering few fields of interest and learning entirely new skills.

While multipotentialites were idealised in the past (which is why they're also called Renaissance people), on today's job market they're often met with suspicion. Employers often think they can't focus, they don't trust their abilities and are very reluctant to hire them. Leonardo da Vinci would have had quite some trouble in our era.

However, while the world really needs specialists who know everything about their respective field it also needs multipotentialites (people like myself!) to link those fields and create something new.

Multipotentialites, WE, are the drivers of innovation - in science, society and art alike.

Much love,