I provide user interface development consultancy to companies of all sizes across the globe. From advice on how to work better as a team, to how to scale a large codebase; how to rationalise the web development process, to how to write better quality responsive user interfaces.

I work on products and long-running projects, focusing on scalability, maintainability, performance, and more. I usually join product teams for short, initial kick-off sprints in order to set up architectures and workflows, and to leave teams self sufficient after I’ve left.


Shell RechargePlus

Role: Lead Senior UI Developer

Shell is supporting the transition to electric vehicles by looking at how EV charging can be successfully integrated to the power grid. We have developed a new EV smart charging service called Shell RechargePlus that allows the charging of vehicles to be shifted to times when it would be most beneficial for the power grid and that will provide cost advantages for customers.



Role: Lead Senior UI Developer

Constantly reinventing itself, the brand today enters its latest digital development as it celebrates the launch of The new site comes after a short hiatus when the company was acquired by Vice, who has merged the title within its burgeoning digital ambitions.